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About Katherine

Katherine is an arts graduate with a background in fine art photography and abstract art expression work. She is now a self employed artist; founder of Moon and Made, working with various mixed media, including resin and polymer clay to create unique wearable art pieces. She can usually be found working with clay and resin in her home studio or running creative mindfulness workshops around Gloucestershire. Originally from Wales, she grew up immersed in countryside and creative pursuits and is passionate about art exploration and its many benefits to mental health and well-being. Her ambition is to create art with others that allows them to experience mindfulness and childlike curiosity in the process, freeing them from the conforms of needing to create something that is ‘perfect’ and instead, enjoying the act of making art itself.

Katherine has a certificate in MBSR from the British Mindfulness Institute, is a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider and is currently studying a CPD accredited training course in art therapy.

About Ellen

Ellen’s journey has been deeply intertwined with the art of movement. Introduced to Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms at a tender age, she found refuge and comfort in the dance. Her path has been rich and diverse, embracing styles from contemporary to partner dances. Throughout her late teens and twenties, Ellen traversed the UK, immersing herself in freestyles and competitions, ultimately achieving the esteemed title of 2x World Modern Jive Champion and earning numerous Open awards. As part of a commercial crew, she graced stages with her performances.

However, Ellen’s journey took a transformative turn when she delved into solo and somatic dance forms during her time studying Dance Science and Somatics at university, unlocking the profound benefits of unrestricted movement. Now, through The Movement Lab, she facilitates workshops that invite dancers to explore, play, and flow freely. Her aim is to create a safe haven where everyone can shed inhibitions to discover newfound freedom and creativity.

Together they’re combining their passions to bring you a day of relaxation, creativity and movement.

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